KVX for Demolition/Recycling

Looking for a way of making your business more profitable? Then you should get to know the KVX system.

The KVX System has been developed in close co-operation with contractors, mines and quarries all over the world. KVX offers a wide product range, dependable factory support, flexible engineering resources, unique and unrivalled solutions, and wear parts of the highest quality.

KVX is Rock Science.

KVX unique heat treatment ensures the reliability of our products for your demolition and recycling activities.

KVX G.E.T. used in demolition is manufactured from 500-600 Brinell Rolled & Forged Sagitta steel, ensuring hardness, high tensile strength and also unrivalled toughness… all qualities suited to demolition and recycling applications.

The use of an extremely durable tooth retention system and elimination of required adapters provide numerous benefits to these industries.

Contact KVX for further evaluation of your demolition and recycling application.