KVX for Dredging

Looking for a way of making your business more profitable? Then you should get to know the KVX system.

The KVX System has been developed in close co-operation with contractors, mines and quarries all over the world. KVX offers a wide product range, dependable factory support, flexible engineering resources, unique and unrivalled solutions, and wear parts of the highest quality.

KVX is Rock Science.

The KVX system has great advantages in dredging. The primary advantage is a tooth system which doesn’t loosen and fail in water operations.

The KVX system features a loaded retention system preventing the movement of GET items during operation. Digging in wet conditions like dredging, results in sand and other fine grains mixing with water in between conventional adapter noses and pinned tooth tips. This combination of fines and water develops into a “grinding paste” often leading to rapid and intensive wear of the noses, loosening the wearparts, loading their retaining pins and eventually resulting in GET loss and damage.

The traditional KVX system avoids losing pins and breakages of welded adapters. The bolt-on teeth are fixed, with no risk of the ingress of water and fines between moving surfaces, leading to the common problems detailed above. The robust system design, with large individual GET components and retaining bolts can handle heavy impact, which is another great advantage in water, where the digging is often taking place in conditions which aren’t visible to the operator.

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