KVX for Road, Rail, Construction

Looking for a way of making your business more profitable? Then you should get to know the KVX system.

The KVX System has been developed in close co-operation with contractors, mines and quarries all over the world. KVX offers a wide product range, dependable factory support, flexible engineering resources, unique and unrivalled solutions, and wear parts of the highest quality.

KVX is Rock Science.

KVX offers flexible and reliable solutions for your construction business.

Since the 1980’s, KVX has been the market leading GET system for construction in Norway. Our engineers have designed several systems to cover all applications including the most severe conditions. The KVX bolt-on solution can be configured to specific site needs. Whether it be for your excavators or wheel loaders, KVX can provide standardized or customized systems for all machine makes.

KVX offers major advantages for your construction business. Thanks to its unique technology and the use of best-quality steel, KVX G.E.T can make your activity more profitable. Customers confirm that the KVX system gives a reduced total site cost per loaded ton and consequently a better total economy. Significantly, many customers report a large reduction in planned and unplanned bucket maintenance after switching to KVX GET systems.

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