KVX Special Bolts

KVX Special Bolts for installing teeth and/or wear plates. Please pay attention to the recommendation regarding grease.


In order to reach the right torque when tightening KVX bolts, we always recommend using KVX recommended grease. Apply grease to threads and cones, both on bolts and on the cutting edge.

When installing used equipment and when turning teeth/wear plates, it is critical that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned using wire brush and scraper.

Art.no. Description
035052H Bolt M52 x 111 Hole
035065 Bolt M20 x 45
035068 Bolt M27 x 58
035073H Bolt M36 x 73 Hole
035075H Bolt M48 x 84 Hole
035076H Bolt M48 x 96 Hole
035077H Bolt M60 x 118 Hole
035078H Bolt M60 x 133 Hole
035079H Bolt M60 x 101 Hole
035080H Bolt M60 x 150 Hole
035092H Bolt M68 x 147 Hole
035095H Bolt M100 x 236,5 Hole
135092H Bolt M68 x 128 Hole
138809H Bolt M48 x 105 Hole
160030H Bolt M80 x 175 Hole
160031H Bolt M90 x 213 Hole
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