KVX for construction


KVX offers flexible and reliable solutions for your construction business. Whether it be for your excavators or wheel loaders, KVX can provide standardized or customized systems for all machine makes.


Thanks to its unique technology and the use of best-quality steel, KVX G.E.T can make your activity more profitable. 

Here are our major advantages: 

  • Longer lifetime of cutting edges (lips), teeth, wear plates, and front protectors
  • Less maintenance on buckets due to better protection
  • No welding on the cutting edge (lip) thanks to the bolt on system
  • Less fuel consumption and less strain on the machine due to slimmer frontal profile, hence better system penetration
  • Increased loading capacity due to slimmer frontal profile, better penetration and smooth internal floor, which proves dumping speed and efficiency
  • Stronger retention system in combination with steel which is many times tougher than cast competitors reduces the risk of breakage, loss, downtime and unplanned maintenance

Customers confirm that the KVX system gives a reduced total site cost per loaded ton and consequently a better total economy.

In the KVX Product Catalogue we present detailed info about the different systems.
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For more information, please contact our sales department. If you wish to get a quotation for a KVX G.E.T, please fill out our G.E.T inquiry form.

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