KVX Intruder

Intruder is a KVX tooth/adapter system option for excavators from 25 to 60 ton class. Essentially, KVX has taken attractive features from two different worlds – combining the proven KVX 1-bolt system with traditional adapter & tip systems.

The result is highly reliable weldless adapter retention, with a replaceable tooth tip which is quick and easy to change.

Some magic but mostly technology

Teeth which protrude a long way in front of the lip can have a positive effect on bucket wear. The greatest wear occurs at the point of contact between tooth tip and the rock. With it’s unrivalled adapter/tip protrusion (a function of the unique adapter metallurgy and retention system), KVX Intruder moves this point of contact away from the bucket, thus resulting in less wear on the lip, bucket shell and wear package. You therefore require less protection for the bucket allowing a reduction in bucket mass, with a resultant increase in capacity and productivity.

Other clear benefits are superior penetration, hence lower fuel consumption.

Always “new” teeth

When using Intruder you will always have “new” teeth because of the uniquely long and slim bolt-on adapters. You will be working with maximum penetration all the time.

Bolt on adapter in 500 brinell

How do we achieve the unique adapter benefits? Intruder is based on KVX’s 1-bolt system, with adapters made from Sagitta steel. Sagitta’s very high toughness and a hardness of around 500 Brinell provide Intruder adapters with a combination of structural integrity, streamlined shape and long life which is quite revolutionary.

Intruder adapters typically exceed the hardness, toughness and strength of welded cast adapters by more than 25%!

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