KVX Bolt-on Technology

KVX GET is a “system”, where the Lip and other GET components work together to bring you unique benefits.

1. Recessed bolt heads

  • Better penetration & productivity
  • Less hang-ups during dumping
  • No exposed nuts inside the bucket

2. Threaded lip and/or GET components

  • Positive retention throughout wear life
  • More useable wear material (no mounts or plough bolt heads to wear off)
  • Elimination of troublesome nuts, washers, locks or retainers

3. KVX bolts

  • Far superior GET retention than both plough bolt systems & pinned/locked systems
  • High strength, enhancing impact resistance & allowing fitment of longer-life components which protrude further in front of the Lip than conventional bolt or pin/lock systems can retain

4. Flat faced components mean up to100% useable steel

After use as a GET component, competitive shrouds, adapters & teeth are discarded as scrap (often more than 50% “throw-away”).

In contrast, KVX’s “flat” GET components are re-used as wear & impact liners elsewhere in the mining operation, saving you money on alternative wear products.

5. Adapterless & retainerless KVX design

  • No adapters, retainers or profile bars to repair or replace
  • No adapter, mount or profile bar welding
  • Almost zero risk of GET loss
  • Less risk of significant repair and downtime related to site costs due to lost GET parts damaging other plant
  • Excellent protection for underside of lip & bucket (minimal bucket underside wear)
  • Thinner frontal GET/lip profile for superior productivity and fuel efficiency plus less wheel spin

6. Sagitta steel

  • Longer GET life than typical castings (due to toughness, hardness and available steel)
  • Fewer change-outs and less bucket & GET Maintenance
  • Superior Reliability

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