KVX for mining systems

Uniquely addressing “Real” GET costs.

What is “GET Cost”?

This may, at first, seem to be a strange or simplistic question. Surely “GET cost” is determined by dividing the cost of GET components by how long they lasted (in SMR hours or tons of production)? Well, this is certainly the way in which “GET Cost” has traditionally been determined and compared by the bulk of end users and GET manufacturers.

However, it is highly likely that the “Real” costs which GET selection and use contribute to your operation are far broader and far more significant than a simple consideration of “component cost vs. wear life”. The potential cost savings which can result from considering and addressing the broad ways in which GET effects your overall operation are generally much greater than narrowly comparing the ongoing component cost differences between different brands of GET.

The KVX system’s unique design configuration was developed to target a broad range of site cost considerations, rather than just component cost/hour or component cost/ton like conventional GET. KVX have extensively evaluated where GET can potentially bring the highest cost penalties to high production mining operations, and our holistic design approach targets these broader areas (e.g. downtime, planned and unplanned maintenance, plant damage, lost production, fuel and tyre consumption, cycle time optimisation, etc.).

Many of our customers have found that it may be better to spend a little extra on GET components to realise far more significant gains in these broader areas. Let us help you to take a broader view of your GET related site costs and identify KVX’s unique and unrivalled solutions.

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External video from Bauhaus showing Komatsu WA1200 equipped with GET and bucket from KVX:

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