KVX Quality

At Komatsu KVX we produce superior wearing part system by combining more than 135 years of experience in metallurgical research and development with an advanced bolt technology.

KVX has added products with unique characteristics of the mining and construction industries worldwide. Following we have described some of the features and benefits these products can bring to your your operation, no matter what brand of loader or excavator you utilize at your site.

KVX Sagitta Bucket Lip Standard!

World-renowned Sagitta steel offers an unrivalled balance of “hardness” and “toughness”.

Sagitta’s complex blend of alloying elements, and a specialised hardening process, result in consistent material characteristics throughout – through-hardened to the core! KVX products are rolled, forged or cast. The technology is chosen to optimize performance of each individual product.

Advantages are:

1. Significantly Longer Bucket Lip Life (~520HB vs 250~400HB for most conventional Lips)
2. Stronger Bucket (toughness & tensile strength)
3. Far Less Maintenance & Downtime
4. Little or no Lip Protection Required
5. Almost Zero Welding Maintenance
6. Truly “Smooth Floor” Design Inside & out (Optimal Penetration & Productivity)

Steel Quality (Brinell) vs Wear Life (%)

Curve shape changes depending on materials being excavated and is based on “average” hardness of steel.