KVX Wear Bars

Still using 500HB bars for wear resistance but 300~400HB bars for impact liners? No need anymore! Thanks to a unique heat treatment process and special steel properties, KVX is able to harden its steel to a high Brinell (HB) rating, while still enabling it to withstand high impact conditions without cracking.

At KVX we harden our steel after processing it. With 125 years of experience we have achieved the optimal combination of hardness, abrasion resistance and toughness. It lasts longer than “equivalent” competitive products in all conditions!

All KVX wear bars are made from quality Sagitta® steel and are completely through hardened to 500 Brinell. But that’s not all. Two unique factors contribute to the unusually high balance of both “hardness” and “toughness”:

  • Sagitta® features a complex blend of alloying elements which enhance it’s structural properties after hardening
  • The hardening process itself. Over a century of experience, research and development has given KVX a leading position in hardening technology

KVX wear bars are used as protection on buckets, in crushers, in dump truck bodies, and in a broad range of other applications where wear and impact protection is required.

To top off all these benefits, our customers typically report that KVX wear bars are even more “welding friendly” than most competitive bar alternative, even those of significantly lower material grade.

Steel quality

Steel Quality (Brinell) vs Wear Life (%)

urve shape changes depending on materials being excavated and is based on “average” hardness of steel.

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