Excavator Lip Systems

KVX supplies a combination of cutting edges, wear plates and/or teeth to suit any size of machines…. and also the opportunity to freely switch between several KVX GET solutions by keeping the same lip.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between three shapes of lips:

  • Straight cutting edge
  • Spade (delta) cutting edge
  • Scalloped lip

The special design of the scalloped lip allows helps to optimize the lifetime/useable wear steel % of the traditional monolithic teeth.

Straight lip

Spade (delta) lip

Scallop lip

Then, you can combine these systems with any KVX tooth system and add some wear plates and milk teeth to enhance the protection of the lip ** 

For utility machines, you also have the opportunity to add a planer plate.  

** Discuss the pros and cons of lip protection with KVX before affixing any wear protection to KVX lips. It is often a more wise decision NOT to protect the lip!

For more information, please contact our sales department. If you wish to obtain a quotation for a KVX GET system, please fill out our inquiry form.