Wear bars

Thanks to a unique heat treatment process and special steel properties, KVX is able to harden its steel to 480-550 Brinell Hardness (HBW 10/3000), while still enabling it to withstand high impact conditions without cracking.

How we make this possible? At KVX we harden our steel after processing it. Many years of experience have enabled us to achieve the optimal combination of hardness, abrasion resistance and toughness. KVX wear bars are not only an excellent steel protection solution, KVX customers also typically report that KVX wear bars are easier to use and more reliable in the long run than most competitive alternatives.

KVX wear bars uniquely bring together the best of all worlds: Abrasion resistance – Impact resistance – “Weldability”

KVX wear bars are used as protection in the following aplications:

  • Bucket liners (internal & external, in both impact and wear zones)
  • Dozer blade liners (some applications)
  • Hopper liners (crushers, feeders, etc)
  • Dump truck liners

and in a broad range of other applications where wear and impact protection is required.


  • High KVX toughness
  • No stripping defects (rolled and heat treated as bars)
  • No stripping losses (lost material when cutting bars from plate)
  • No stripping labour (no labour to cut the bars from plate)
  • Very attractive economics!

Wear bars range

Straight wear bars

KVX wear bars offer an excellent protection solution for a wide range of applications.

Wear bars are available in short lengths («Cut-to-length»).

Curved wear bars

With the same abrasion and impact resistance as classic wear bars, the KVX curved wear bars have proven to be very successful in Norway. They ensure a better bucket side protection and generate less digging resistance when digging then heel shroud alternatives.

Grader blades

KVX Grader Blades are made from High quality material, designed to withstand high impact and abrasion and to provide a longer wear life.

Grouser bars

KVX Grouser Bars have high hardness properties, they are extremely shock and wear resistant; providing the optimum solution for crawler excavators working in hard and abrasive rock surfaces.