KVX for Frozen Ground

Looking for a way of making your business more profitable? Then you should get to know the KVX system.

The KVX System has been developed in close co-operation with contractors, mines and quarries all over the world. KVX offers a wide product range, dependable factory support, flexible engineering resources, unique and unrivalled solutions, and wear parts of the highest quality.

KVX is Rock Science.

In cold winter time, elimination of welding and excellent penetration are important benefits offered by KVX products.

In cold winter time, welding and repair of G.E.T. systems are more difficult, tooth breakage can happen more often (steel becomes more brittle) and the operating the machines is harder due to difficult penetration of frozen ground. As a result:

  • teeth wear faster
  • teeth and adapters (and welds) are more susceptible to breakage
  • fuel consumption increases

The benefits of KVX’s product offerings are:

  • no adapter or GET welding – extremely important in the cold winter season
  • excellent penetration possible with slim profile and tiger/ripper style KVX teeth
  • reduced fuel consumption, due to above.

Some GET for Frozen Ground application

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