Underground LHD Lip Systems

Regarding the size of your machine, you can choose the most appropriate concept.

Your machine weighs less than 35 tons?

Our concept includes a reversible corner wear plate with 3 bolts. The lip is available as “delta” or “pointed” with different lengths. You can choose the quantity and shape of wear plates.

This concept is suitable for:

  • 11-23 ton range machines: Atlas Copco ST7, Sandvik LH307, CAT R1300, Joy LT-650… (KVX size M36)
  • 23-35 ton range machines: Joy LT1051, Sandvik LH410, CAT R1600, Atlas Copco ST1030… (KVX size M48)

Your machine weighs more than 35 tons?

We have developed several concepts to meet all the specific requirements and needs of underground operators.

Our standard concept is similar to the one for smaller sizes. We recommend it for a traditional open stoping utilization with medium impact and abrasion.

Another concept offers smaller corner wear plates with only 2 bolts. We recommend it when you change the corner plates often but with limited impact.

For large remote-controlled machines with high impact on corners, we recommend to use corner wear plates with at least 3 bolts for “extra heavy duty” conditions or 4 bolts for “extreme” conditions. It will ensure not losing the corner wear plates in case of high impact.

We also propose solutions with single-end wear plates, and with combination teeth/wear plates.

Depending on your application and your needs, KVX will have a solution for you.

All our concepts are suitable for 35-70 ton range machines: CAT R1700/R2900/R3000, Sandvik LH514/LH621, Joy 18HD/22HD, Atlas Copco ST14/ST18/ST1520/ST1530…

For more information, please contact our sales department. If you wish to obtain a quotation for a KVX GET system, please fill out our inquiry form.