Versatility and optimization

Our modular concept is suitable with all makes and models and it offers versatility for different applications.
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Wheel Loader GET Selection


1. One lip, several configurations

The KVX solution is special because the tooth system is bolted on the cutting edge (lip). This configuration is weld-free, which means less downtime and the possibility to freely switch between several KVX GET solutions. If a machine is moved from one application to another, you can easily adapt/change the GET system to a more optimal solution. If you change operators and they prefer a different configuration, you can easily adapt to their needs. Easily and quickly !

The bolt-on concept/Combi lip concept gives a great opportunity to tailor a lip/GET set up based on standard components. Our modular concept is suitable for several models of lips (straight, delta, pointed). We can supply many solutions on few standard components.

  • One Excavator Lip – several teeth concepts KVX Classic “monolithic” system, E2® system and Intruder system* are interchangeable on the same lip. When moving a bucket from one application to another you don’t need a new bucket or changing of weld on adapters – you just bolton a new GET configuration (*depending size of machine)
  • KVX wheel loader lips can be equipped with a variety of bolt-on GET options to best match operating conditions. Length, width and thickness can be adjusted according to wear pattern, all on the same lip.

2. Reversible teeth and wear plates

Certain applications

When the teeth and wear plates have worn out on one side, you just turn them around and start on life number two!

3. Possibility to easily add/remove protectors or other equipment

KVX offers a large range of wear protection products easy to install on your bucket.

4. Teeth and wear plates which fit all makes and models

Whatever your machine is, you will find a KVX GET solution which will perfectly fit your bucket. And if you change your machine, do not throw away your stock of teeth and wear plates, as they can be used on another lip.

5. Green profile – “almost no” throw-away

After use as a GET component, competitive shrouds, adapters & teeth are discarded as scrap (often more than 50% “throw-away”).

In contrast, KVX’s “flat” GET components are re-used as welded wear & impact liners elsewhere in the mining operation, saving you money on alternative wear products.