Shrouds & White Iron

KVX offers some products to reinforce the protection of your bucket. Our shrouds, chocky bars and wear buttons are designed to protect high wear areas, such as the corner edges on excavator, loader, face shovel and LHD scoop tram buckets.


The shrouds, which we of course offer in a variety of sizes, are made of original KVX Sagitta plate steel and through hardened to ~500 Brinell.

Compare this to typical ~400HB competitive cast shrouds and each kg of KVX steel is likely to last up to double the life of cast competitors…maybe more.

This provides a long wear life and superior wear protection when placed on the outside radius of the bucket. These shrouds are just as easy to weld as our renowned wear bars!

Note: Heel Shrouds are subject to bulk pricing. Special conditions are given on orders of 100 pieces and more.

The shrouds are made of original KVX Sagitta plate steel and through hardened to 500 Brinell.

Forged heel shrouds

KVX offers two models of Heel Shrouds specially made for large buckets. The shrouds are forged which ensures significantly greater toughness, strength and abrasion resistance, good weldability and longer wear life.

Thanks to a unique heat treatment process, KVX forged Heel Shrouds are through-hardened to more than 510 HBW. This makes them significantly different to typical cast heel shrouds at around 400HBW, with the potential to halve the wear rate per kg in some instances.

Two sizes are available:

  • Heel Shroud 22 kg : Dimension : 180 (L) x 245/195(W) x 140/80(H)
  • Heel Shroud 11 kg : 150(L) x 180/140(W) x 105/60(H)

White iron

Laminite is designed to protect your equipment from high abrasion damage. It is a combination of high chromium white iron metallurgically bonded to a mild steel backing plate. The white iron has a hardness that exceeds 600 Brinell providing incredible abrasion resistance protection to your equipment.

The mild steel is easily weldable with minimal preparation, and it acts as a cushion for the white iron, enabling it to handle impact in extreme applications.

KVX proposes Chocky bars which are “easy to cut”, to allow you to customize the protection to different specifications, and “easy to bend”, to offer protection on a contoured surface. You can use our Chocky Bars with pre-notched backing plate. Also use our wear buttons to add protection  to your bucket.


  • Weld-on Adapters and Wear Caps
  • Dragline Bucket Protection
  • Shovel Bucket Protection
  • Loader Bucket Protection
  • Excavator Bucket Protection
  • Conveyor Chute Liners
  • Feeder Deck Plates
  • Quarry and Mining Grizzly Screens
  • Gyratory and Jaw Crusher Liners
  • Tub Grinders      Dimension       


Chocky bars  160200 75 x 15 x 10     0,9 
  160201 90 x 21 x 10     1,1 
Wear buttons 160210 240 x 40 x 23  1,4 
  160211 240 x 65 x 23  2,4