Covid-19 virus: Organization and Delivery

The KVX team takes the recommendations regarding the Covid-19 virus very seriously and makes every effort to continue to deliver to our customers on time.

KVX for mining systems

The KVX system’s unique design configuration targets a broad range of site cost considerations. Let us help you to get a broader view of your GET related site costs and identify KVX’s unique and unrivalled solutions.

KVX for construction systems

KVX offers flexible and reliable solutions for your construction business. Whether it be for your excavators or wheel loaders, KVX can provide standardized or customized systems for all machine makes.

Productivity. Versatility. Reliability. The replaceable tooth tips are designed for optimal lifetime and consumable efficiency.

Bolt-on G.E.T for Construction and Mining

KVX is Norway’s leading manufacturer of G.E.T (ground engaging tools) and a growing international player serving the construction, quarry and mining industries. KVX has gained worldwide recognition for its highly wear resistant bolt-on ground engaging tool system for earth moving machines.

KVX has also developed a highly attractive range of buckets and attachment products for excavators, wheel loaders and front shovel machines, primarily indented for our international customers.

News from KVX

KVX offers you a range of high-quality wear bars

KVX offers you a range of high-quality wear bars

[wpseo_breadcrumb]KVX offers you a range of high-quality wear barsThanks to a unique heat treatment process and special steel properties, KVX is able to harden its steel to 480-550 Brinell Hardness (HBW 10/3000), while still enabling it to withstand high impact...

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Exhibition Calendar


11-13 September 2020
Seljord, Telemark

25-27 September 2020
Loen, Sogn og Fjordane

Anlegg 2020 Haugesund
Cancelled due to covid-19

MEFA 2020 Trondheim
Cancelled due to covid-19

World Wide

8-11 September 2020
Novokuznetsk, Russia

28-30 September 2020
Las Vegas, USA

20-22 October 2020
Pavilion 1, Hall 3
Crocus Expo
Moscow, Russia

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