Wheel Loader Buckets

Thanks to unique features such as a slim system profile and a flat floor design, the KVX wheel loader program will provide important cost savings to your loader operations. The KVX wheel loader program has been developed to improve loader performances.

Better penetration, resulting in higher productivity, lower fuel consumption and tyre wear, are just a few of many advantages.

As with our excavator buckets, KVX utilise the best materials available on the market to ensure both high strength and a long lifetime. Different levels of protection are proposed on a case by case basis.

Some specialised manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer buckets with features unavailable from other suppliers:

  • The KVX system provides more protection under the Base Edge eliminating the necessity for Profile Bars and a number of other underside protection items (better protection and less parts to service and maintain= superior reliability).
  • With its very slim profile and smooth floor design the KVX GET system ensures free material flow into and out of the Bucket (no GET hang-ups!) and superior penetration, resulting in less tyre spin, improved fuel economy, less wear and tear on driveline, pins and bushes and better productivity….not to mention happier operators!
  • Thanks to the KVX Base Edge (hardened to ~500HB vs. 250-400HB used by most manufacturers) little or no Front Lip protection is required. KVX technology assures almost zero welding maintenance.
  • KVX Wheel Loader Buckets feature the same unrivalled GET retention as our Excavator systems, significantly reducing the risk of breakage, loss or unplanned maintenance as well as the even more significant downstream costs of fixed plant and production stoppages.
  • KVX also incorporate our Sagitta® steel wearparts into other high wear areas on the buckets, providing a wear package which is light but which also offers a unique combination of hardness and toughness to address the high wear encountered in many applications.

Wheel loaders are now more and more versatile. They possess the possibility to carry out many different tasks thanks to the use of quick couplers.

The KVX wheel loader program has been developed to improve performance. It combines a penetration profile to improve the machine efficiency and also ensures very good fill factors. KVX uses the best material available on the market to ensure optimized  lifetimes. Different levels of protection are proposed according to the working application.

HD models are generally proposed for machines up to 35 tons. XHD models are available for the heavier and more abrasive applications. The structure and the wear protection is strongly reinforced. E models, on which the structure and the wear protection are even more strongly reinforced, are available for the heaviest and toughest applications. Further explanation to be found on the page Bucket Program.

For more information, please contact our sales department. If you wish to obtain a quotation for a KVX bucket, please fill out our bucket inquiry form.