Other attachments

KVX offer a wide range of other attachments such as Quick couplers, Forks, Breakers, Clearing Rakes, Rippers and Block Handling Buckets.
Essentially, KVX has taken attractive features from two different worlds – combining the proven KVX 1-bolt system with traditional adapter & tip systems. The result is highly reliable weldless adapter retention, with a replaceable tooth tip which is quick and easy to change.

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Quick Coupler

Adoption of a hydraulic quick coupler significantly enhances the versatility of the machine, transforming it into a true multi purpose carrier.

Thanks to this tool you can quickly switch from one bucket to another or, alternatively, to forks, tire handler, or many other attachment options. This operation takes less than a minute and enhances overall safety, reducing hazards for those who would normally perform such duties and minimising risk to those in the immediate vicinity.


Fork attachments are mainly used in block handling applications to raise and carry many oversized materials much more effectively (and more safely) than a bucket.

The KVX forks are specially made for marble and granite quarries. Manufactured with different types of HARDOX special steel (400-450-500-600), these high quality tools take your production to the top level.


This one tooth “Fork” is designed to pry blocks from the bench.

The leg is smaller and its section profile allows the operator to use the whole power of the machine and its weight to extract the blocks from the bench.

Clearing rake

This long arm is mainly used to secure and tidy the working area.

It is also used to push or pull blocks from the bench.

Block handling bucket

This very open profile bucket is designed to handle blocks.

Its structure is heavily reinforced for this special purpose.