Tools and Accessories

KVX offers a wide range of tools and accessories to optimize the use of your KVX products and ensure proper maintenance.

KVX Grease

KVX Grease is a graphite free lubricant. We always recommend KVX Grease. When using other lubricants, such as copper lubricant, it affects the friction coefficient, and the correct torque will not be reached. This will most likely cause a system failure for which KVX can not be held responsible. In fact, the use of alternative lubricants, not tested and approved by KVX, will generally also subject the bolts to higher internal stresses as well as reducing the clamping effect between components.

Loosen up – use KVX Grease!

How to apply KVX Grease: Clean the surfaces using tools required and apply a thorough covering of KVX Grease to all surfaces – do not forget the cones. Use a hard brush or a lint-free cloth when applying.

Other accessories

  • Lifting hooks
  • Planer plate
  • Bracket for planer plate
  • Ball dowels

Hydraulic torque tool

The KVX hydraulic torque tools each consist of a housing, one-way ratchet with socket drive, hydraulic cylinder, drive socket, reaction force socket and a reaction pin.

Technical specifications:

Torque Wrench Model 179050 179032 179080
Bolt size M48~M68 M48~M90 M48~M100
Max. Operating torque (normal use) @525 bar | 35700Nm @525 bar | 58800Nm @525 bar | 89775Nm
Extreme intermittent torque * @575 bar | 39100Nm @575 bar | 64400Nm @575 bar | 98325Nm
Socket drive 60 mm hex 74 mm hex 74 mm hex
Centre relation between drive/reaction socket variable 125 – 200 mm 125 – 300 mm 125 – 300 mm
Available standard socket sets: All from M48 to M68 All from M48 to M80 All from M60 to M100

Moment at endstroke of cylinder (friction included).
* To avoid damaging the tool set max powerpack relief no greater than 575 bar.

thumbnail of KVX Hydraulic Torque Tools

KVX Hydraulic Torque Tools Procedures


Spanner and spanner stand

The KVX spanner stand tool consists of a spanner, a stand, a ring pin and a retainer plate.
thumbnail of 503007 KVX Spanner Stand Procedures

KVX Spanner Stand Procedures


Other tools

  • Lifting hooks
  • Planer plate
  • Bracket for planer plate
  • Ball dowels

Rubber plug

Thread pin