Renew the leading edge of your bucket lip without welding! KVX has developed a new bucket lip design with a separate Front Protector system which is simply wedged between the Lip and the bolt-on GET items (teeth or plate segments).
The KVX Front Protector is manufactured from Sagitta® 530 HBW 10/3000 grade steel. A complex blend of alloying elements, and advanced hardening technology, provide uniform hardness and toughness throughout, resulting in excellent wear resistance, and the ability to withstand severe impact conditions without the risk of cracking.
The KVX Front Protector is made in standard sections of 1200 mm length. You simply cut the Front Protector sections into the required length to fit the bucket lip. As the Front Protector is wedged between the lip and the bolt-on GET components (teeth or plate segments), a special bucket lip configuration is required, incorporating a machined “keyway”.
No need for time-consuming welding! This simple protection system extends the service life of bucket lips. The KVX Front Protector is available for both wheel loaders and excavators.

Bucket side corner protection

KVX also delivers bucket side protectors and corner protectors. These can be tailor made, but they are standard on all KVX XHD buckets for excavators and wheel loaders.