Excavator Buckets

KVX manufactures excavator buckets for machines from 20 to 400 tons. Depending on the digging conditions, you can choose between Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty and Extreme buckets.

With its high structural wear and impact resistance and an optimized digging profile, combined with the unique advantages of KVX G.E.T system, the KVX bucket will give your excavator the competitive edge which will make your activity more profitable.

HD models are the basis for all our excavator buckets. XHD and E models add additional wear protection, and are available for the heaviest and toughest applications. Further explanation to be found on the page Bucket Program.

Enjoy the thrill of having a Money Saver in your fleet!

For more information, please contact our sales department. If you wish to obtain a quotation for a KVX bucket, please fill out our bucket inquiry form.