Curved wear bars

With the same abrasion and impact resistance as classic wear bars, the KVX curved wear bars have been very successful in Norway. They ensure a better bucket side protection and generate less resistance when digging than staggered heel shrouds.

All KVX curved wear bars are made from quality Sagitta® steel. Sagitta® features a complex blend of alloying elements which enhance its structural properties after hardening.

They can be produced to fit the shape of your bucket whatever its volume:

  • Ref 138011 : 700l bucket
  • Ref 137454 : 850-900l bucket
  • Ref 138010 : 1100-1350l bucket
  • Ref 177267 : 1400-1700l bucket
  • Ref 138459 : 1500-2000l bucket

Banana bars

KVX produces some special curved wear bars, called “Banana bars”, for mining excavators. We meet a great success with a customer who has multiplied the lifetime of wear bars by three:

  • Customer is utilising KVX rolled “banana bars” externally on the clam (high wear and impact)
  • Previous results (450 HB): max 4,000hrs (typically 3500hrs)
  • New results with KVX versions: 10000hrs+ !

The design has been made for a PC8000 bucket in operation. KVX is working on other alternatives for PC7000 and other mining machines. The design must be adjusted in order to fit perfectly with the shape of your bucket (radius, thickness, bill of material…).

Iif you are interested, please contact your dealer.