2-Bolt tooth system

Utilising KVX’s bolt-on technology, KVX GET is a “system” where the Lip and other GET components work together to bring you unique benefits.

The first reversible teeth with 36mm bolts were tested in 1980 in collaboration with local contractors in the South West of Norway. A couple of years later the 2-bolt tooth system was launched and, within a few years, became the leading tooth system in Norway.

The 2-bolt tooth is easy to handle, to replace and to store. It can also be used as wear protection for the lip edge. “Milk teeth” are standard teeth which are two sizes smaller than standard for the machine size. This means that on a M60 system it is possible to utilize M36 standard teeth as milk teeth between the main teeth. New cutting edges (lips) are then manufactured with three holes so that the milk teeth can be moved forward a notch for a maximum utilization of the teeth material while not “stealing” wear life from the main teeth.

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