Straight wear bars

Thanks to a unique heat treatment process and special steel properties, KVX is able to harden its steel to 480-550 Brinell Hardness (HBW 10/3000), while still enabling it to withstand high impact conditions without cracking.
Many years of experience have enabled us to achieve the optimal combination of hardness, abrasion resistance and toughness. KVX wear bars are not only an excellent steel protection solution, KVX customers also typically report that KVX wear bars are easier to use and more reliable in the long run than most competitive alternatives.

KVX wear bars uniquely bring together the best of all worlds:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • “Weldability”

KVX wear bars offer an excellent protection solution for a wide range of applications including:

  • Bucket liners (internal & external, in both impact and wear zones)
  • Dozer blade liners (some applications)
  • Hopper liners (crushers, feeders, etc.)
  • Dump truck liners
  • A broad range of other applications where wear and impact protection are required

Note: KVX Wear Bars are made in numerous dimensions: Thickness from 10mm to 50mm and a large variety of widths.

Short wear bars is the new trend!

Wear bars are available in short lengths («Cut-to-length»). This means you can have specific dimensions adapted to your needs. This is especially interesting for bucket manufacturers to reduce manufacturing time and contractors who can have wear bars adapted to fit the buckets for maintenance.

5 reasons why shorter wear bars are a better solution:

  1. Safety: Shorter bars are safer to handle than 3 or 6-meter bars
  2. Health and environment: Easier handling due to shorter length and lower weight and no cutting inconvenience (smoke/sound)
  3. Less need for production equipment and personnel to handle cutting
  4. Quicker and simplified production due to ready-made bars from stock
  5. Stocking inhouse is easy due to pallet size bar lengths (less rust)

All KVX «Cut-to-length» wear bars are made from quality Sagitta® steel. Sagitta® features a complex blend of alloying elements which enhance its structural properties after hardening.


  • KVX has a new automated heat treatment line in service:
    • Walking beam furnace
    • Water quenching tank with controlled circulation over/under part
    • No straightening is needed
  • Cost efficient production of precut wear bar in particular for bucket manufacturers
  • Bundling of Bucket Repair Kits possible
  • Minimum qty 4 tons per profile
  • 500-560 HBW 10/3000 surface hardness
  • Through-hardened to KVX standards with unrivalled through-hardnessAll bars are cut before hardening, therefore no crisp edges or tempering of steel from cutting.
  • Standard straightness: ±2 mm/m (on width & height)

New Opportunities:

Short wearbars have a long range of opportunities to streamline production of many bucket types and needs.

Half arrow profile

The half arrow profiles are made to reinforce protection of the cutting edge. They are available from 11 to 40mm (thickness) and from 101 to 254mm (width).

13 references are now available:

  • Length: 750 to 1200
  • Width: 80 to 250
  • Thickness: 10 to 50
  • Weight: 6,3 to 65 kg