KVX Tooth Systems

The KVX tooth system differs from other systems because the teeth are bolted directly to the cutting edge. No welded adapter and thus weld-free assembly. Some of them offer a double life by turning the teeth.
The excavator system fits all types of machines, from mini excavators to giant machines up to 400 tons. Furthermore, a wide range of both reversible and single end teeth are available for wheel loaders of all sizes.

2-bolt tooth system

The classical system of KVX is adapted for machines under 25 tons.

1-bolt tooth system

The 1-bolt system is both easier to mount and turn, but also an even stronger system. One bolt is all it takes.

E2® tooth system

Productivity. Versatility. Reliability. The E2® replaceable tooth tips are designed for optimal lifetime and consumable efficiency.

Intruder system

KVX Intruder is a highly reliable weldless adapter retention for excavators, with a replaceable tooth tip.