KVX advantages

Komatsu KVX manufacture premium Ground Engaging Tool (GET) systems utilizing over 125 years of metallurgical research & development in combination with advanced bolting technology.

Choosing KVX is choosing..:

KVX bolt-on technology: A unique design

KVX GET is a “system” where the Lip and other GET components work together to bring you unique benefits.

  • Unique welding free solutions!
  • Self-sharpening teeth and wear plates
  • KVX teeth & wear plates: 4 components in 1!

Quality and reliability

At Komatsu KVX we produce superior wearing part system by combining more than 135 years of experience in metallurgical research and development.

  • Sagitta steel, Unique heat treatment!
  • Design based on advanced material technology
  • A bolt-on system that really lasts

Versatility and optimization

Our modular concept is suitable with all makes and models

  • One lip, several solutions
  • Reversible teeth and wear plates (certain applications)
  • Green profile – “almost no” throw-away

Saving time and money

Looking for a way of making your business more profitable? Then you should get to know the KVX system.

When choosing KVX, you are saving time – less downtime – and money – significant gains by considering total operation.

  • Reduced cost maintenance
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increase production