KVX Videos

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KVX Corporate Movie 2019

KVX is Norway’s leading manufacturer of G.E.T (ground engaging tools) and a growing international player serving the construction, quarry and mining industries, while also offering products for a range of other severe industrial applications.

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KVX Hinge Lip

KVX has developed a new patented concept for changing the complete lip and G.E.T. in the mine. The concept is meant to reduce downtime due to lip & G.E.T maintenance for Excavators in the 200-400 ton class.

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KVX for mining, WA1200

A Heavy Duty solution for Mining applications. KVX delivers both GET and complete buckets. The Sagitta 500 Brinell throughhardened “Combi” lip allows fitment of numorous GET options and improves bucket strength and wear life.

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Mounting of KVX G.E.T on WA1200

The video demonstrates the process of mounting KVX G.E.T on WA1200.

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Turning of KVX 1-bolt teeth

Instruction video on how to turn KVX 1-bolt teeth.

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KVX E2® – Bolt-On Adapter System from KVX

E2® is a KVX tooth system option for excavators from 25 to 60 ton class. Essentially, KVX has taken attractive features from two different worlds – combining the proven KVX 1-bolt system with traditional adapter & tip systems.

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KVX 1-bolt Ripper

Short video demonstrating the efficient use of the KVX 1-bolt Ripper.

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KVX underground

A short documentary from mines in Australia.

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KVX for Dredging

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Komatsu WA1200 with KVX equipment

External video from Bauhaus showing Komatsu WA1200 equipped with GET and bucket from KVX

PC800 operating in Germany

KVX installation with spanner stand

This video shows a demonstration of KVX bolted wear parts installation on a bucket with a spanner stand.

KVX installation with hydraulic tool

This video shows a demonstration of KVX bolted wear parts installation on a bucket with an hydraulic torque tool.