1-Bolt tooth system

The 1-bolt system is both easier to mount and turn, but is also an even stronger retention system. One bolt is all it takes.

This enhanced system uses just one bolt to fit the tooth to the cutting edge, and is also suitable for all machine brands. Simply place the teeth on the four dowels in the cutting edge and insert/tighten the bolt.

Since the launch of the 1-bolt system in 2004, KVX customers all over the world have experienced the advantages this simple but strong system has. A quick, simple and extremely strong retention system which saves you both time and money.

Turn the teeth in minutes!

With the KVX Spanner Stand and Tooth Turn Shaft you turn the teeth in just minutes.

Using the Spanner Stand, you can easily loosen the bolts with the machine’s own power. With the Tooth Turn Shaft installed in the bolt hole, you just pull the tooth out from the cutting edge, rotate it on the shaft and set it back onto the dowels. The tooth is then fixed, and you can remove the shaft and insert and torque the KVX bolt again. Do not forget to apply KVX recommended grease on both threads and cones.

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