Looking for a way of making your business more profitable? Then you should get to know the KVX system. Based on advanced material technology and innovative solutions, KVX has developed a unique system of bolted teeth and wear plates that fit any machine.

KVX advantages

KVX GET systems provide innovative solutions by using a unique Combination of features: a bolt-on technology which offers Welding Free Solutions, the quality thanks to Sagitta steel, a modular concept and significant gains by considering total cost operation.

KVX Tooth Systems

The KVX tooth system differs from other systems because the teeth are bolted directly to the cutting edge. No welded adapter and thus weld-free assembly. Some of them offer a double life by turning the teeth.

KVX Lip Systems

Thanks to its KVX bolt-on technology, KVX GET is a “system” where the Lip and other GET components work together to bring you unique benefits.

KVX Buckets and Attachments

KVX has been in the Ground Engaging Tools (GET) business for decades. We already offered the toughest and most durable GET system on the market, so it was a natural expansion of our product line to offer complete buckets in the same high quality.

KVX Wear Protection

KVX Wear protection is used as protection on buckets, in crushers, in dump truck bodies, and in a broad range of other applications where wear and impact protection are required.

KVX Tools and Accessories

KVX offers a wide range of tools and accessories to optimize the use of your KVX products and ensure proper maintenance.