A brand new KVX GET system for underground mining had its first public display at Bauma 2022. The pre-launch was met with great interest by visitors on a different Bauma.

– Extremely positive! We experienced a strong interest from all visitors in the new, next generation system. Customers within mining, distributors from all over the world – and not least we noticed a substantial interest from our competitors, says product- and marketing manager Ferenc Schottner at KVX.

At home in Norway after a busy week at Bauma, Schottner and his colleagues at KVX declare their effort at the world´s largest construction fair a definitive success.

As usual, KVX presented themselves on a shared display with Komatsu-colleague Hensley. With joined forces, they made a heavy, powerful, and well visible display of GET´s for mining, quarries, and construction.

Next generation KVX for underground mining

The biggest news interest was aimed at KVX´s new, next generation GET system for loaders in underground mining. The large wear plates in the current system has been replaced by smaller sections of individual wear plates, in a uniform design giving the knife sharp penetration needed at underground loading.

The new system is also easier and more manageable in service and maintenance, thanks to the smaller sections. They are as easy handled and replaced as any individual parts.

Ferenc Schottner, product- and marketing manager at KVX.

– A major development from today´s system. The next generation LHD system for underground mining is far lighter and easier to install. We had a close to continuous flow of reactions from visitors being explicitly excited about this, Schottner says.

“Next Generation” pre-launched at Bauma 2022

The new system is currently undergoing field testing and is planned to launch in Q2 or Q3 in 2023. At launch it will also be branded under its own name. That name is a secret for now, but we can imply that the new name will be associated with power and its Norwegian origin…

KVX Next Generation being so much more service friendly is related to multiple factors:

  • Smaller sections, easier to handle.
  • The large bolts are being replaced by smaller M33 bolts. Bolts are loosened and fastened by standard power wrench (2400Nm), without need for large special tools.

We will provide more information and further details on the new KVX Next Generation system later.

18 cbm bucket with KVX GETs

KVX naturally also presented its classic GET systems. Visitors were also presented to KVX systems at other bucket manufacturers, choosing to display buckets with KVX GETs. The biggest star – quite literally – was a massive 18 cubic meter bucket for a Cat 994, displayed by Italian Corrazza. That bucket turned into somewhat of a “selfie-magnet” for visitors at Bauma.

A large bucket for a Komatsu WA500 wheel loader also received quite some attention over at Lameter.

– Our products and systems being displayed by other manufacturers is a good sign of a trust and confidence in KVX GET systems in the market, Ferenc Schottner says.

KVX stand på Bauma 2022.

KVX stand på Bauma 2022.

Bauma 2022 – a success for KVX

This year´s Bauma happened in October. The huge construction fair – the world´s largest fair in any category – normally takes place in April. This had been moved due to previous restrictions from the Covid pandemic.

A total of 495 000 people visited the fair. That is somewhat less than the previous fair. In 2019 Bauma had just under 630 000 visitors.

– Our people were busy on the stand all the time. But not TOO busy. We had time to speak well with visitors. That gave us many occasions to maintain existing relations and establish new ones. Bauma was definitely a success for us, Ferenc Schottner says.