New cooperation will make KVX wear parts more visible

28. January 2022

KVX has recently signed an agreement with norwegian content agency Praktisk Talt AS and heavy-equipment content creator Jørn Søderholm. It will make KVX versatile bolt-on bucket teeth and wear plates in construction, quarries and mining more visible.  

– High quality wear parts are way more important than most people outside our industries know. I´m looking forward to telling the stories about KVX systems and the people using them, Jørn Søderholm says.

He is an experienced norwegian journalist and press photographer. For 15 years Søderholm has served as a trade press editor within construction, quarry and mining. Until recently he was editor of the trade magazine Anleggsmaskinen, where he for a number of years worked on journalism and media content within heavy equipment construction, quarries and mining. 

Jørn Søderholm, Praktisk Talt AS

Jørn Søderholm. Journalist, photographer and manager in Praktisk Talt AS.

Now he is manager and part owner of Praktisk Talt AS, a family owned content agency focusing specifically on storytelling within construction and heavy equipment. Praktisk Talt AS translates to “Practically Spoken”, by the way. 

Media content

KVX has now signed an agreement which makes Praktisk Talt AS their supplier of media content, telling the stories on KVX wear parts products and systems in construction, quarry and mining. And not least: The people using them. Managing Director Carsten Bo Andersen in KVX is pleased with having made this connection, and having KVX stories told by a journalist who himself knows what it´s like to work when you´re dirty, sweaty, wet and cold. Even with a snowstorm howling around your ears. 

– Jørn has through the years in Anleggsmaskinen conveyed news and stories from the industry with great knowledge and enthusiasm. Now being able to utilize this experience is good for KVX marketing. It makes us better at telling good stories about our products, our customers and the people using our wear parts systems, Carsten Bo Andersen says. 

Carsten Bo Andersen, KVX

Managing Director Carsten Bo Andersen in KVX, visiting a mining customer.

Jørn Søderholm in Praktisk Talt AS is really satisfied with the assignment and the coperation with KVX. 

– This is a highly exciting assignment for us! KVX is one of the strongest actors and brands within the GET-segment*. For us as a startup company it is a great privelege and statement of confidence. Personally, I am glad this assignment gives me the opportunity to keep making content for the industry, Jørn Søderholm says. 

Wear parts underestimated area of content

He thinks the area of bucket teeth, wear plates, lips and wear parts is highly underestimated as an area of content. Through the new agreement between KVX and Praktisk Talt AS, Søderholm will contribute to increasing the attention on this important niche. 

– Lots of stories are being written on excavators, wheel loaders and projects. Not so much on buckets and wear parts. Many people in the business posess an extremely high level of knowledge and enthusiasm on these important production factors. I really look forward to convey the joy and craftmanships pride many people put into buckets and efficient wear parts, Søderholm says. 

Through stories about and from the industry, KVX and Praktisk Talt will work together on increasing the attention on wear parts systems. The advantages of the norwegian and nordic origin will also be visualized more ahead, as well as the international width and weight in the Komatsu group.  

– Many of the people working in the industry think teeth and wear parts are mainly manufactured in China. KVX represents not only top quality wear parts. It is also a norwegian and nordic industrial adventure, with deep roots and strong traditions. All the way back to the founding of the Kverneland, and the more “recent” era of norwegian Brøyt excavators being built in KVX´s neighbourhood. Interationally, KVX has entered a strong position as a part of Komatsu. It is an honour to work with at client with such connections both nationally and internationally, Jørn Søderholm says. 

*GET = Grond Engaging Tools. E.g. buckets, teeth and other tools for grabbing soil and rocks.